The Bob Feist Invitational donated $6,500 to Warriors and Rodeo during it’s BFI Week 2018.

The money was collected from donation items at the June 17 Cowboy Auction. Between the long and short rounds of the June 19 roping event, WAR member and Marine veteran Jesse Strait was surprised with the check presentation by BFI co-owner Daren Peterson.

“We had no idea BFI was going to be donating this money and so the term ‘Shock and Awe’ certainly comes into play in this situation,” said Sheri Smith, WAR founding president and Navy veteran. “We are floored by the generosity shown and can never even begin to show our depth of appreciation for all that they’ve done for our military and first responders around the world.”

This donation follows a $9,000 check presented to WAR from roping supply manufacturer Heel-O-Matic Training Supplies. The company donated a custom-painted roping dummy to the June 17 auction – its second consecutive year to donate an item during BFI week.

“Heel-O-Matic donated the machine that raised $9,000 for us and so to find out that the BFI also donated $6,500, I was just very, very grateful,” Strait said.

Proceeds from the donation will go to WAR’s mission of connecting military, emergency medical, law enforcement, and firefighter personnel with occupation development and support programs through a world-wide community of members.

Hanna Smith is editorial director of Honor Duty Press. She is an award-winning journalist and studies neurobiology, surgical technology, physiology, and behavioral science.

Photo courtesy of Olie’s Images.